Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Known for its rythemic culture, hand loom industries and religious monuments ...Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. With the changing face of the world UP is all set to compete. Growth and development is visible everywhere whether it is in the field of education, improved politics or good infrastructure, UP is running towards progress. This is an overwhelming experience for everyone living in UP.

In the race of competition; growth; progress and development, there are certain areas where UP is champion such as population. It is progressing day by day. According to data collected by UNICEF rise in child birth from 18% in 2001 will shift to 22% by 2026. It is an alarming situation for all of us. But the most shocking progress is infant mortality rate which has reached to 25%. The rate of maternal and infant mortality is highest in UP. It is a great challenge before us.

This problem has its solution at very grassroot level. Main reason of this problem is early marriage, lack of knowledge, malnutrition, superstition and improper medical facilities. It is well said that a home is made by a woman. An educated woman can change the scenario and bring a pleasant change in the society. She has the ability to shape the future of the country.

Here also, UP has left behind other states but in negative sense. According to data, total population of uneducated married women is 66% whereas who has seen school for 10 or more years is only 13.1%. What positive change can be expected from these uneducated and ignorant women.

For better tomorrow, we have to revolt against illiteracy of women. Our progressive state requires women empowerment, respect for the rights of women and children, quality education, higher standard of living and protection from abuse& exploitation. An educated woman will delay marriage. She would get her child immunized and help in eliminating gender discrimination. This will automatically lead to lower population growth, lower infant mortality, higher standard of living and ultimately to a progressive state. lets join together to improve our present for getting tension free and pleasant tomorrow.

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