Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Known for its rythemic culture, hand loom industries and religious monuments ...Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. With the changing face of the world UP is all set to compete. Growth and development is visible everywhere whether it is in the field of education, improved politics or good infrastructure, UP is running towards progress. This is an overwhelming experience for everyone living in UP.

In the race of competition; growth; progress and development, there are certain areas where UP is champion such as population. It is progressing day by day. According to data collected by UNICEF rise in child birth from 18% in 2001 will shift to 22% by 2026. It is an alarming situation for all of us. But the most shocking progress is infant mortality rate which has reached to 25%. The rate of maternal and infant mortality is highest in UP. It is a great challenge before us.

This problem has its solution at very grassroot level. Main reason of this problem is early marriage, lack of knowledge, malnutrition, superstition and improper medical facilities. It is well said that a home is made by a woman. An educated woman can change the scenario and bring a pleasant change in the society. She has the ability to shape the future of the country.

Here also, UP has left behind other states but in negative sense. According to data, total population of uneducated married women is 66% whereas who has seen school for 10 or more years is only 13.1%. What positive change can be expected from these uneducated and ignorant women.

For better tomorrow, we have to revolt against illiteracy of women. Our progressive state requires women empowerment, respect for the rights of women and children, quality education, higher standard of living and protection from abuse& exploitation. An educated woman will delay marriage. She would get her child immunized and help in eliminating gender discrimination. This will automatically lead to lower population growth, lower infant mortality, higher standard of living and ultimately to a progressive state. lets join together to improve our present for getting tension free and pleasant tomorrow.


Life is a special gift from God. He wished to create a world full of life. To make his wish true- he made a vast sky spread everywhere as an umbrella. Beneath the sky, he fixed land suffused with green trees contrasting with blue river and brown mountains. He decorated it with beautiful flowers and plants. He gave living beings from dinosaur to ants, from eagle to peacock, from devil to angel. The most beautiful creature among all is man.

Man is the most loved creature by God and the creature for which God is proud of. Man was made to live in this fantabulous and peaceful world. Man was provided with every necessity which is required to live and enjoy life. He was born to live together peacefully,to love each other, to help each other, to enjoy life with certain delimitation and thank God for his bounty.

Man is privileged to be regarded as the most intelligent creature among all the living being. They proved it also by many inventions, discoveries, productions,etc. But the most important achievement is the atom bombs,missiles,nuclear weapons and other weapons for mass destruction that are capable to decimate the world. Now they are squelling to be strong as well. In return to these aforesaid inventions, they are rewarded with loss of peace, insecurity and hatred.

In the race to become affluent,they are impetuously diddling. These oafs have a panoria of loosing power.God has gifted them a powerful weapon i.e,tongue through which they appease themselves by frequently lying,afflicting and affronting others. Man has been alloted five sense- eyes which only sees profit of oneself; ear which hears every word which is related to one's good and benefit; touch which feels only one's own pain; smelling helps to smell the gain; taste that only wants sweet for oneself even if it is sour for others.Vacuous and malignant brain tries to find ways for becoming powerful and wealthy.

God thought man will be grateful to Him and praise Him. But this intelligent miscreant applied his mind to compete with Him. Isn't it true? God made this beautiful world and these loony creature has calibur to destroy it. They are clamouring against the Almighty and seem to have affinity with the devil. God Himself is agaped of their intelligence and brilliance. Man find every opportunity to destroy this world. they are on afoot to turn this incredibly beautiful and lively world into a lifeless ugly planet. just wait and watch whose gonna win.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Masti ki pathshalaBatch 2007-09 (Dedicated to all the Mass Communists who formed one big, happy family)

Purane notesAur seminar

Department ki who lab Aur mere yaar

Woh Nescafe pe coffee peena

Woh jaana picture Hamesha saath

Woh baaton baaton pe milkbar jana

Wahan par khelna truth or dare

Woh raaton ko sms karna

Pahunchna class hamesha late

Woh Shahzad ka gaane sunana

Asad ka kehna Ultimate!

Woh camera lekarTashan mein chalna

Dikhana Mass Com Yahi hai yaar!

Bas yaadein, yaadein,Yaadein reh jaati hain

Kuch choti choti Baatein reh jaati hain

Bas yaadein…..

Woh Ashiya ka silent mode

Saba ka rustics pe jharna roab

Shakoor ka poochna ghari ghari score

Jeelani ka ghussaAur “sipring role”

Woh Yasir ka“ Suniye na..!”

Aur Asma ka “ Haan nahi to!”

Jacob ka harpal“Okay” kehna

Woh Zaigham bhai ki Baaton ki train

Woh Nasir kiLiterary baatein

Woh Reema ka Mast andaz

Creative baaton pe Larai karna

Woh apna rockyZ & Z ka saath!

Bas yaadein, yaadein…………….

Post modernism kay Professor Haider

Aur apna Sabir Department ka don!

Woh class mein baith kar TV dekhna

Woh kehna “bhai-bhai Khoilye lab! “

Afreena ma’m ka “You see” kehna

Ye iska ye haiYeh hain Sahu sir

Woh Shafey sir ke “Cumbersome expressions”

Pradhan sir ka kehna“Ye hai worst class!”

Durrani sir ka Hamesha kehna “Arre bhai aap logeKariye kuch kaam”

Production month mein TM ke dhaabe

Woh khaana rooftop pe Teen baje raat !

Bas yaadein, yaadein……………………

Woh milkar orkut pe Photos lagana

Who jaana peene ko Juice har baar

Numaish mein jaake Jhoole jhoolna

Woh karna boatingWoh paani ki war….

Woh jaanat-paasbook ki Larai hardam

Woh karna keertanDepartment kay paar

Woh Faasil ka Aisa ka deesa

Woh Salih ki Khamoshi Use mat bhoolo

Shagufta dopesheet Aur apna Amir Left right left

Haan apna kya hai

Bhai “ Ham nahin hain!”

Jo ho bas tum ho Tumhi apna pyaar!

Bas yaadein , yaadein……………….

Aisa yaadon ka Mausam chala

Bhulta hiNahin dil mera

Khan mere notes Kahan seminar

Kahan meri class

Aur mere yaar………………

To all my classmates ,

Lots n lots of love

Zehra Naqvi

Monday, March 23, 2009

Terrorism as a Mystery

“Terrorism”; whenever we come across this word, creates the image of a long-bearded man clad in kurta and pyjama. As soon as any brutal incident of terror takes place Islamic militants or jihadis are declared as the perpetrators. The police agencies very actively proceed in their investigations. Dozens of maulanas are rounded off as the prime suspects as they are believed to be the masterminds of the incident.
One almost feels like hailing the super-cops for their heroic deeds if only one were not at the receiving end. Our police forces are able to trace the culprits within a few days, if not hours, of the incident and are able to disclose their links with the Muslim community in double quick time. It is another matter that none of the super intelligence agencies could anticipate those coming “black deeds” before the bomb could be planted!! The performance of the Delhi police, which otherwise has failed to solve the much talked about Aarushi murder case till date, is very impressive indeed.
We are told that an outfit called 'Indian Mujahideen' is responsible for a series of the brutal bomb blasts. But who are these people? Does any outfit of this name really exist and how come Muslims know next to nothing about this organization except what is dished out to the general public by the police and the media? Does the term 'Mujahideen' mean that they are the followers of Islam with long beards, clad in kurta and pyjama? Why the American from whose computer the E-mail was sent, was allowed to vanish from the country?
Recently, a VHP leader was murdered in Orissa which resulted in the vandalizing of churches and Christian prayer halls. The Maoist group claimed the responsibility of the murder but the claim was discarded and was believed to be fake. If that can be a fake then why can’t this episode of Indian Mujahdeen be also fake with all its obvious contradictions?
People are living an insecure life and are angry at all those who are responsible for the security. The law and order situation is worrying. Instead of deceiving people by humiliating and torturing innocents, police should seriously perform their duties. They should catch the real culprits otherwise innocents will keep suffering and the real perpetrators will have the last laugh to keep repeating these sinful acts.
can be reached at: asma07khan@yahoo.com

Unity in Diversity

by Asma Khan
'India is a secular democracy’ we proudly say. Every Indian desires that the country should come on top of the world. We are simply overwhelmed with its every success and we get genuinely upset with its single failure.
But Mr. Raj Thackrey masquerading as a die-hard patriot is trying to divide the country in the name of region. The sentiment of Raj Thackrey’s bandwagon on 'regionalism above nationalism' is condemnable to say the least. His tirade against the taxi drivers from Bihar or push-cart vendors from U.P, right to the Bachchans has affected the lives of the people living in the State. On the 19 th of October, its target was north Indians appearing for Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) test. It seems he is unaware that railways do not recruit people on the basis of region. Is he unable to understand that these people are directly or indirectly serving Maharashtra and helping India to ‘shine’? Placing the interest of one's region above that of the nation is a threat to the unity of the country. It reflects that Mr. Thackeray is unable to envision Maharashtra as a part of India.
MNS as the pocket organization of Raj Thackeray made hue and cry, when Amitabh Bachchan announced his intention to build a school for girls in U.P. If Mr. Bachchan opens a school in UP, is he not oxygenating the development process of the country?
Few days back, there was violence against the shopkeepers with Hindi sign boards and hoardings. They were forced to use Marathi instead of Hindi. Recently, Jaya Bachchan's unintentional remark on Hindi drew flaks from supporters of Raj. She apologized but Amitabh had to abstain from the premiere of his movie. There are certain known personalities who only use English for conversation. Why are they acceptable to the likes of Raj Thackeray?
Being sensible citizens of the country, we should be wary of this kind of dirty politics and should protest against these groups. The actions of narrow-minded politicians to garner votes have put the ordinary people's life at risk. Come on!! We are Indians. We want India to be developed. A country cannot progress with only one progressive state. To make India 'shine' we will have to be united as 'United We Stand and Divided We Fall'.